• Anne Francis Scott, Paranormal Mystery
    Author Spotlight,  Paranormal

    Author Spotlight: Anne Francis Scott

      Anne Francis Scott is a Readers’ Favorite award finalist author in paranormal fiction. She has a fascination for haunted houses, ancient cemeteries, and ghostly mysteries. Those passions fuel her writing, giving her the chance to take readers to an otherworldly place and leave them there for a while. She hopes that journey is a good one… If you’d like to know more about Anne, visit her website, where she talks (okay, maybe rambles a little) about her personal paranormal experiences. And, you can find out more about her books at Goodreads.   Available in:  EBOOK  |  PAPERBACK Secrets can eat you up from the inside out… Renowned sculptor Allison Weathers doesn’t…

  • Cheri Yori, Author, Poetry, Editor

    The Poetry of Cheri Yori

      This lovely lady is Cheri Yori and she writes amazing poetry. I met Cheri through a local writing workshop and we became fast friends. She’s thoughtful, kind, and considerate. And, she’s a very talented writer and editor/proofreader. In fact, she’s my editor, and I’m fortunate to have her going through my work and making it better. Cheri’s poetry is beautiful, and moving. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.       CONTENTMENT I walk along under a blue sky Watching white birds dissolve into whiter clouds And I contemplate the shift in my life. After a lifetime of concentrated misery I have been graced…

  • P.A. Ruddock, author, horror, fiction, echoes of the pen
    Author Spotlight,  Horror,  Humor

    Author Spotlight: P.A. Ruddock

    Our very first author spotlight goes to P.A. Ruddock. I met P.A. through a Facebook group that he had created. It’s honestly one of the most supportive and engaging groups I’ve had the pleasure to belong to. It’s a small-ish group of authors, so it’s easy to get to know those who are active. I feel I was blessed to be invited to mingle with such gracious and caring individuals. So, I wanted to do something special for the man who created the group. Thank you, P.A.! P.A. Ruddock Born in London, the United Kingdom, P.A. Ruddock has in his time been a soldier, studied psychology at Middlesex University, worked…