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    Authors Give Back

    Authors Give Back: Rebecca Bryn

    Rhonda Hopkins’s Authors Give Back guest is author Rebecca Bryn. She’s going to tell us about ABF The Soldiers Charity and about Brooke Charity and why she believes they are so special.   Rebecca Bryn Originally from Kettering, in Northamptonshire, Rebecca Bryn lives in West Wales with her husband and dog where she paints the fabulous coastal scenery and writes historical, mystery, and post-apocalyptic tales with a twist. She believes you shouldn’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins and to date has a 100% success rate at surviving.     Read this entertaining post and help support two charitable organizations, all while getting a wonderful historical fiction…

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    Non-Fiction,  Reference

    Between Two Homes: A Coparenting Handbook

    By: Bradley Craig You may be divorcing, divorced, never married, a grandparent, or other relative of a child growing up between two homes. For whatever reason you find yourself in the situation of helping a child grow up between two homes, it’s normal to wonder how to do so now that you’re no longer (or maybe never were) a single-home family. Between Two Homes has the answers. In this book, you’ll learn how to remain or become coparents (instead of opponents) and how to help your child grow and thrive while living between two homes. Between Two Homes helps you: Build a successful coparenting relationship so you can stop fighting…

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    The Poetry of Cheri Yori

      This lovely lady is Cheri Yori and she writes amazing poetry. I met Cheri through a local writing workshop and we became fast friends. She’s thoughtful, kind, and considerate. And, she’s a very talented writer and editor/proofreader. In fact, she’s my editor, and I’m fortunate to have her going through my work and making it better. Cheri’s poetry is beautiful, and moving. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.       CONTENTMENT I walk along under a blue sky Watching white birds dissolve into whiter clouds And I contemplate the shift in my life. After a lifetime of concentrated misery I have been graced…

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    Divorce Bootcamp for Low- and Moderate-Income Women

    By: Anna T. Merrill, Esq. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average woman’s family income drops by 37% after divorce. Do you know what assets or how much alimony or child support you are entitled to receive? Has your spouse threatened to leave you penniless? Have you spoken to an attorney and gotten sticker-shock? Do you earn too much money to qualify for free legal aid? Are you unable to decipher the scary-looking legal forms your spouse keeps sending you in the mail? This book was written to help the low- and moderate-income women the legal system has abandoned by walking a hypothetical self-represented woman step-by-step through the divorce…

  • Anasazi Runner, Jeff Posey, Literature

    Anasazi Runner: a novel of identity and speed

    By: Jeff Posey Anasazi runners were fast. Relentless. They never gave up. Neither does Sean. Sean is an orphan whose only connection to the mother he never knew is a strange amulet he believes was handed down from the Anasazi. From the story: “The boy ran like he was about to fall on his face, just catching himself with the step of his next stride. And he didn’t look like anybody I’d ever seen except in pictures. His face had an Eskimo look. Not the kind of kid you’d expect from the O’Briens, both of them rotund and so white they seemed to suck the color out of everything around them.…

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    Earthbound: The Valiant Chronicles

    By: Val Tobin What if you could attend your own funeral? Jayden McQueen’s day begins when she wakes up dead. But that’s the least of her worries. Turns out, she’s a murder victim, and nobody knows it but her. Who killed her? Why? How? In her quest to find answers, Jayden sets in motion events that propel humanity towards a future already written. But just because events appear inevitable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fight them. Does it? Love, Determination, Acceptance, and letting go… by Anne Francis Scott (July 24, 2017) Some of us often wonder about the road we’ll take into the afterlife, hoping to see loved ones, friends, and…