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What is Addictive Reads?  As the name implies,  this site is dedicated to Addictive Reads only.  It was designed by Rhonda Hopkins and Melanie P. Smith to help promote amazing authors and their work - by authors who love to read.  We strive to promote high quality, entertaining work that keeps you coming back for more.  Only those books that rise to the level of 4 or 5-stars will be reviewed.  We hope you will join us often as we discover new worlds, meet characters you can't get enough of, and escape on that next epic adventure.  In addition to reviews, we will also be holding promotional events and giveaways throughout the year.  Be sure to come back often.  We  also love to hear what you think.  Comments are always welcome! And, if you have any questions, or need information, please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Rhonda Hopkins

Rhonda Hopkins, author, books, fiction, non-fiction

Hi! I'm Rhonda Hopkins, the award-winning author of The Consuming, and the Survival series. I live in a small town in Texas on five acres with cows, chickens, a dog, and three cats. Stray cats often appear and we take care of them until they decide to move on. We also have our share of wildlife that makes an appearance from time to time. But, I also live just a few miles from Fort Worth, so I feel like I have the best of both worlds - a peaceful small town within minutes of a big city.

Before I began publishing my books, I was an investigator for nearly twenty years for the state and the family courts. I met all kinds of people and loved the interactions with folks from all walks of life. Sometimes things got a little (or occasionally a lot) scary. But there were humorous times, too. Oh the stories I could tell. Oh right - I do!

I use my past experiences to craft characters that are diverse and full of life, along with situations that include the dark and the light side of humanity. I always enjoy finding that light - the hope and spirit of survival in everyday people.

I write horror/sci-fi, paranormal, urban fantasy, mystery, romantic suspense, and non-fiction. I also write for middle grade, teens/young adults, and adults. My main website hosts all my young adult and adult fiction. I have a separate website for non-fiction which focuses on family court, child custody, co-parenting, domestic violence/child abuse, and substance abuse. I'll soon have a website for middle grade books. I know many put young adult and children's books together, but I believe that insults the intelligence of those that read young adult. After all, I was reading Stephen King by the age of twelve.

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I look forward to getting to know you!

Melanie P. Smith

Hello, my name is Melanie P. Smith and I am an American, Multi-Genre author of Paranormal, Criminal Suspense, Police Procedural and Romance novels.  I work hard to make my stories exciting, action-packed and gripping.  So, if you like a story you can’t put down, one that will keep you guessing and take you on a journey of discovery... I have something for you.  You can find all my work on my Website under the book tab.

I was born and raised in the state of Utah and spent my younger years working hard and playing hard.  As a farm kid, we always had a huge garden and plenty of animals to care for.  But, when the work was done... the adventure began.  If I wasn’t riding horses, I was playing softball, waterskiing or exploring the country on my tote goat.

I have an Associates of Science degree in Marketing, a Bachelors in Business Management and a Masters Certificate in Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Mediation.  I was still deciding how to use my education when I started a part-time, summer job with the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office.  Part-time turned to full-time and I ended up staying for over twenty-six years. I eventually retired in the spring of 2016.  The job was difficult at times but very fulfilling and always interesting.  Why do I mention this?  Well, because they say write what you know.  I know law enforcement.  For over two decades I was assigned to the Special Operations Division and spent my time supporting Search & Rescue, K9, the Mounted Posse, and the Motorcycle Unit.  I thought that tote goat and my Shetland pony (Coalie) were strictly for adventure... turns out they were training for the future.  Who knew?

In addition to my regular duties, I coordinated communication and logistics for our SWAT and Child Abduction Response Teams.  In this capacity, I spent hours manning the Command Post on emergency callouts like hostage situations, barricaded subjects and missing or abducted children.  My time working with the police helped me gain insight and experience that I now use to create intense novels that are interesting, realistic, and suspenseful.

I still love adventure but these days I spend my time camping and riding ATV’s with my husband and our Border collie “Port”.  Or, you can find me exploring backroads on my Harley. Occasionally, I still go horseback riding with my friends.  But mostly, my exploits are conjured in my mind, expressed on paper, and shared through my novels.

Check out my brochures for information an all my work.

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