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The Dead Series

by: TW Brown

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Dead: The Ugly Beginning (Book One)
The unthinkable has happened. The dead are walking! Humanity’s fragile thread may be reaching its bitter end. Individuals and groups struggle to survive…some at any cost. Will there be anybody left? Or, is this just…The Ugly Beginning?

A character driven zombie apocalypse…

  • by Rhonda Hopkins | Author

Have you guys read any of these books, yet? If you haven’t, I highly recommend them.

I know — some of you are thinking: “Zombies! All right!” And some of you are thinking — “Zombies? Really? You want me to read a zombie book?” Trust me. Even if zombie lore isn’t your thing, these books will grab your imagination and won’t let go. These are so much more than just zombie books.

TW Brown has a way of writing that pulls you in immediately. His scenes are rich and vivid. His characters are fully developed, including the secondary ones. By the time you reach the sixth book in this series, you feel like you know these characters as people. You like them, hate them, find them annoying – just like any real person.

Mr. Brown instills strengths, weaknesses, good and bad qualities into each one of his characters, just like each of us.

The pages of his books are filled with triumph, fear, love, and loss. And just like in the real world – no one is safe. Mr. Brown makes that clear in the beginning. You just never know what’s going to happen.

When the world goes to hell, there are those that step up to become leaders and heroes who don’t seem to fit the bill and there are those who have lived helpful lives who turn into sadistic monsters when the rules no longer apply.

Should a zombie apocalypse ever occur – I can picture things turning out just this way. Mr. Brown is an excellent student of human nature and puts it all into his writing.

And even through the twists and the turns and the “Oh my gosh – he did what to who???s” it would never occur to me to stop reading. I just have to know what’s coming next. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve shed a few tears along the way. But, I’ve also rejoiced at the victories.

I’m not quite halfway through book six, but I had to stop to process something that just happened that I totally was not expecting. So I decided to take a few minutes and tell you about this series and why — even though it throws me for an occasional loop — I think it’s really awesome.

If you’re interested – the first book in the series is available on Amazon.

I first read one of Mr. Brown’s ZOMBLOG books and was hooked. And while it is another zombie series – it’s completely different. However, the descriptive writing and great characterization make it just as memorable as the DEAD series. Since then, I’ve been alternating them as they come out and eagerly await the next. The first ZOMBLOG book is also available at Amazon.


Seriously – give them a try. I hope you enjoy them every bit as much as I do.

In the meantime, if you’re interested – you can find more of Mr. Brown’s books via his Amazon Author Page and on Goodreads.

So tell me – have you read any of these books? Are you prepared for a zombie apocalypse?

As always, thanks for reading! 🙂

Note: This review was originally posted on my website. Since then, I’ve read the entire series and still feel this is one of the very best zombie series I’ve read. And, I’ve read a lot!


Rhonda Hopkins is the author of The Survival series and the award-winning paranormal, The Consuming. Rhonda writes sci-fi/horror, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, romantic suspense, and mystery. She writes for adults, young adults and middle grade.

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