Mystery,  Romance

Poison Pen

By: Val Tobin

When their colleague is murdered, three wanna-be authors can’t help meddling in the investigation, which puts them on the killer’s radar. Robin refuses to leave the house, Daphne has OCD, and Beth falls asleep at the most inopportune moments. Yet all three find themselves caught in a cat-and-mouse game where anything can happen and no one is safe.

Will they catch the killer before he catches them?

Detective Jacob Turner is a modern-day Columbo in search of a clever killer. Instinct tells him something doesn’t add up. Then, the case becomes personal and the hunt is on…

5 stars

Compelling story with unbalanced characters that are quirky and fun…

  • by Melanie P. Smith

The story begins with a well-thought-out murder scene. In addition to a good suspense, we are given a brief snapshot into the killer’s motivations and delusions. I was hooked immediately and it made me want to read further to see how the investigation would unfold. Rather than a whodunit mystery, this story was laid out as a police procedural. We were able to follow the investigation step-by-step to learn how the police — and others involved — worked to catch a killer. The scenes progressed realistically in a compelling manner that drew the reader in. I liked how the suspense was on what the suspect would do next, rather than who the killer was.

From the first page of the story, we begin to get a clear idea of just how messed up all of the characters in this story truly are. The killer is delusional, the three friends; Daphne, Beth, and Robin are quirky and lovable; but, suffer from their own individual idiosyncrasy that makes them endearing and delightful. If you are looking for a fun, quick summer read, I’d definitely recommend you give this one a try.

An American, Multi-Genre author of Paranormal, Criminal Suspense, Police Procedural and Romance novels. Melanie's uses her education and experience to make her stories exciting, action-packed and gripping. In addition to writing, she also loves to read.

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