Darkly Wood

By: Max Power

When a new arrival to the village of Cranby discovers a small leather-bound book called ‘Tales of Darkly Wood’ she soon discovers that not all of the stories within are as fantastic as they first appear.

The book tells of supposedly terrible events which have occurred in the Wood that overlooks the village. What begins as an innocent stroll with her new admirer up by Darkly Wood soon turns into a nightmare for young Daisy, one from which it seems impossible to escape.

The line between reality and fantasy soon begins to blur, as a fledgling love affair is tested in the most terrifying circumstances. Swept up in her emotions, the young girl soon discovers that while sometimes love is all you need, sometimes love is not enough. There is something wrong up in Darkly Wood, and soon Daisy has to fight to save more than her life.

This spine-chilling love story builds momentum and maintains excitement and pace right to the astonishing and jaw-dropping climax. Along the way stories from the book ‘Tales of Darkly Wood’ help reveal the strange truth behind the mysterious Wood high on the hill above Cranby.
If you like a thrilling ride and enjoy storytelling at its best, Darkly Wood will keep you on the edge of your seat and lead you into a wonderful world of storytelling all at the same time.


Mystery with a Twist…

  • by Melanie P. Smith | Author

Anyone who has spent time in a dark forest has experienced the mysterious, sometimes eerie, sensation of winds whistling through the branches and tiny animals scurrying about; creating mystical noise that can’t always be explained. It’s an experience like no other. Sharing it with someone you care about can be magical, experiencing it alone can be terrifying. If you haven’t had the pleasure…pick up a copy of Max Power’s Darkly Wood. He will introduce you to the phenomena. There is a reason so many scary movies fall back on this setting to create the perfect backdrop for their unnerving and sinister creations. Max Power is no exception. From the very first chapter, the author begins to set the stage for this intriguing story. Ever heard of location, location location? Well Max Power has landed us in a location that is so frightening even the locals won’t go near it.

Darkly Wood starts out giving snippets of information in the form of folklore and legends. The forest is accepted as a dark place that has always existed and always will. People die there, stay away…is the simplistic attitude of the locals. Then, enter Daisy May. At first the reader is left to wonder…is this going to be just another tragedy in a long line of mysterious deaths and disappearances. I’m going to stop there because to say more would give away too much of the plot and story-line. Stories are told, characters are introduced and the reader is taken on a journey of discovery.

Darkly Wood has it all…first love, heartache, terror, compassion, callousness and apathy, pain and sorrow and a healthy dose of mystery and fear. Just when you think you have it all figured out…prepare yourself for a surprise. The plot flows smoothly and the characters are relatable. If you are in the mood for something different, a little sinister and something entertaining…pick up a copy of Darkly Wood.

Rhonda Hopkins also reviewed this book on March 03, 2018 on Goodreads. She gave it:

5 stars

Lots of twists! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. I was absolutely glued to the pages. The characters were well-developed, there was a lot of action and emotion written into this novel. I enjoyed every little twist and turn. It kept me guessing about, well…I can’t tell you or it would ruin it for you. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in this one at all. Be sure to grab a copy.

5 stars

A Dark and Terrifying Place as Old as Memory…

  • by Anne Francis Scott (December 20, 2016)

If you have ever wandered deep enough into the forest, you know there is a point when the tangled canopy of leaves and branches smother the light, where an absolute hush magnifies any small sound, like the moan and creak of gnarled branches bowing with the wind. You may have come upon a grove of ancient, twisted trees and felt the nerves beneath your skin prickle, not able to put a finger on the unsettling sensation. Darkly Wood by Max Power lures you into this kind of shadowy realm, a surreal, disturbing woodland that guards centuries-old secrets.

To give the reader a glimpse of what’s to come, the author begins by narrating in the style of traditional storytelling, letting you imagine sitting curled up in a chair while he paints the scene. Then we get to worm our way into the characters’ heads, to see the sad and frightening circumstances that force them to take that final, fateful step into an ever-hungry thicket, where the end is never good. Woven through this telling of grisly deaths and unexplained disappearances is the story of Daisy May and Benjamin, their feelings for one another blooming in the wake of terror, and a strange book that just might hold the key to unlocking the sinister mystery of what lives and preys in Darkly Wood.

I have a passion for layered stories that let me experience edge-of-the seat fear while making me puzzle through a mystery. Darkly Wood does just that, adding in the gamut of emotions that come with a first love—doubt riding on the heels of conviction, the sweet innocence of a first kiss, the exhilaration of butterflies in the stomach brought on with a simple touch or look.

To keep the mystery alive, the author leaves you wondering at the end if Daisy May and Benjamin’s journey happened only through the peculiar mental link they share. As for the ominous depths of Darkly Wood, well, I believe that somewhere, there is such a forest, “a place as old as memory and for as long as those that could remember, there were tales of woe attached to its wild tangle of trees . . .”

Awesome read! I highly recommend!


5 stars

Dark, Sinister and thoroughly entertaining…

  • by Tom Benson (September 19, 2014)

I was thrown at first by the narrative style and lack of dialogue in the introductory stage, but as any reader of this book will find, the lack of early dialogue is intentional, not an error, and it works because the narrative is well written.
At various stages I found myself being reminded of the descriptive flow and style of the classics, and then at other times of more fast-paced, modern writing, but at all times it was entertaining – and isn’t that the aim.
I must say that this is not my regular genre. Why then did I read it? As a creative writer, I feel it’s my duty to myself, my readers and fellow writers, to read a broad spectrum of work. Indie writers especially can only survive and evolve with honest and critical feedback, so where better to get it than from our peers.
The author is undoubtedly a storyteller and spins a superb yarn, introducing peaks and troughs in the plot and in the lives of the many well-drawn characters. For me, the imagery is an important aspect of any story, and here it is created well throughout. Indeed, at times the imagery is more impressive than that given by some well-known authors.
I thoroughly enjoyed this dark mystery and would not hesitate to recommend it.

An American, Multi-Genre author of Paranormal, Criminal Suspense, Police Procedural and Romance novels. Melanie's uses her education and experience to make her stories exciting, action-packed and gripping. In addition to writing, she also loves to read.

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