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The Third Servant

By: Michael Billington

The third servant, who did not enrich his master as two other servants had, was cast into the night for his failure to increase his master’s wealth. Matthew tells us this in the Bible but he never tells us what happened to that unfortunate servant after that. This is the story of that third servant, a young man, and his long journey through the ancient world. It is a story of trial and of sacrifice, of a young man growing wise in his travels and of his redemption.

5 stars

A Personal Quest…

  • by Tom Benson ( January 25, 2015)

This is one of the finest adventure stories I’ve had the pleasure to read in recent times. One of the first aspects of this tale to strike me was the voice used; and I liked it as soon as I read the first piece of dialogue. It is distinctive, because there is no use of contractions. It is impressive, because that style is maintained throughout.

What is a contraction? It’s, he’s, they’re, isn’t. An example of a contraction is when an apostrophe is used to show a missing letter and it then provides the dialogue with a more realistic sound for modern speech. The reason that this story works better without those abbreviated forms of words is because of the ancient world you enter in this story. For me personally, it was one of the reasons that the story was such a realistic and entertaining read.

Ezra is the protagonist and at first appears an unlikely hero, but his learning curve is steep. Rather than spoil the story, I can at least say that you are not buying into an adventure – you are buying into a series of adventures. Ezra makes a mistake early on in the tale and his life changes forever. He sets off from the only existence he knows and begins a personal quest. During the journey, he will discover honour, respect, love, faith, courage, wisdom, humility and more besides.

There are many plot twists and vivid action scenes. These are combined with a wide variety of well-drawn characters, peppered throughout the tale, some appearing more than once. It is the way that Ezra uses the lessons he learns that prompt an occasional nod of acknowledgement to the storyteller. Ezra improves in many ways, but as strong as he becomes, he remains at heart: sincere, honourable and humble. It is, in essence, a tale of courage and determination, and is a story that will be remembered long after reading. That for me; is kudos to any author.

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